Alison and Philip Condie offer a professional person centred service in the areas of Astrology and other related spiritual areas. Our aim is to provide clarity, guidance & understanding on any problem or difficulty you may have & we will assist you, where possible, in overcoming your current situation, whatever that may be?

Astrological work is based on the exact time, place and date of birth, which can be found on your birth certificate, for those born in Scotland. Where the time of birth is unknown, a Solar chart will be calculated using the Sun's own sign position as the first house of the birth chart. This will still give a good valid reading but without the exact ascendant/rising sign and house cusps derived from a known birth time.

Alison has a Diploma from The Mayo School of Astrology[DMS ASTROL, 1985] and is ex-chair of the Scottish Astrological Association with press, TV [BBC High Spirits/Kilroy/Grampian - We The Jury]. Radio [BBC/Forth/Clyde] and public speaking experience,lectures etc.

Philip is a Certificate holder with The Faculty of Astrological Studies[1985], a clairvoyant medium, Usui Reiki therapist and a magnetic/spiritual healer who specialises in the use of Egyptian Tarot[Cartouche] to answer specific questions.

Philip and Alison each have over thirty years experience in the field of Astrology and related subjects and we adhere to a strict code of ethics which ensures complete discretion and confidentiality for all clients.

To book a private 1 to 1 consultation Tel:- [+44]0131 440 2042, Email:- reelgood@reelgoodmusic.com or complete the form on the website's contact page. Skype video & FaceTime consultations are also available for those who can't attend in person.

Postal address: 6, Park Crescent, Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland EH20 9BQ